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Losing Addie



My relationship with Facebook has generally mirrored my health.

When I’m healthy, I’m grateful to Facebook for keeping me in close touch with friends from so long ago and so far away.

When I’m not feeling so well, I fear Facebook a bit, knowing that any post might trigger some annoying emotion or irritation that reflects my chemical displeasure with life.

Facebook has lately been serving up memories and I have received them with mixed feelings.

Most of the memories are good – since most of the memories are pictures of my Baby Bella serving as Diva of the Woods.

Sometimes the memory is a cartoon from years ago, reminding me that I learned to draw in public, where the world could see the obvious proof of my never having had a drawing class.

Today the memory was Addie, Baby Bella’s predecessor.

D Pushing Addie
I really loved Addie.

I don’t have to explain that any further to anyone who has ever loved a dog more than any and all humans in the world.

Sally and Addie SwingingFive years ago, I lost Addie and then, of course, wrote about it.


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Days later, after realizing time would take forever to heal the awful pain, I picked up the new and very tiny Baby Bella.

I  trusted I would someday love her just as much.

So, of course, I love Bella now just as much as I ever loved Addie…or even more, if that’s possible.

I wish we had grown up with dogs, but we didn’t.

We had no pets.

But I imagine I would have been a far less lonely child with a dog available 24/7 to cuddle in my lap or my arms.

My parents had each other. And my older brother was an extrovert who had the love of the world.

But I was an introvert. With depression. And a penchant for avoiding people.

I needed hugs from a dog that could never be hugged enough.

Eventually I filled the loneliness with men and writing and art, not necessarily in that order, but not necessarily NOT in that order.

But before the men and the writing and the art, the loneliness of the growing up years was impossible.

A dog would have been quite helpful.

So, if you’re a parent of a depressed introvert, get a dog!  It’s my call to action for the day.

And if you’re single and looking, get a dog and take it for a lot of walks. It works every time. Believe me.

And if you’re married, don’t ever let your spouse walk your dog.

Just kidding.

Kind of.

♥ Happy Friday. ♥ Happy July. ♥ Happy Summer. ♥

And hi to Addie up in Heaven where I’m pretty sure she’s alternating laps with Grandma Freda and Grandma Shirley.  And pretending that Boo Boo isn’t trying to instigate her.

And, by the way, Addie, the little girl who wore pink dresses and bows while bathing you….well, the pink is gone. You’d be proud.  ♥

d and maddie wash addiexoxo, d


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