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Come Back To Reality


CBT stands for Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy. But those three words are not very inspiring to me.

I need words that literally tell me what to do.  Because sometimes my mind is so messed up, especially IN THE MOMENT, when I MOST NEED HELP, that I need CBT to stand for something that instructs me precisely as to what my actions should be.

I need a WORKING acronym.

So the way I remember CBT is Come Back To…

I can almost always be snapped back into the present moment by Come Back To…



OR Come Back To Reasonable Thinking – CBTReasonableThinking – or whatever works for you. Come Back To The Moment. Come Back To Now. Come Back To Your Breath. Come Back to Your Sane Place.

Come Back To whatever is closest to reality at the moment. Because, as you know, the mind goes to other places so easily. And, for some of us, the mind can go to places that are not helpful. Not helpful at all.

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The Best OCD Listen Ever.


220,334 views Jun 27, 2022

In this episode, I explain the biology and psychology of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)—a prevalent and debilitating condition. I also discuss the efficacy and mechanisms behind OCD treatments—both behavioral and pharmacologic as well as holistic and combination treatments and new emerging treatments, including directed brain stimulation. I explain the neural circuitry underlying repetitive “thought-action loops” and why in OCD, the compulsive actions merely make the obsessions even stronger.

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