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Which Girl Are You?

Were You a Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or the other one? The one whose name I can’t remember is actually the one I relate to the most. But maybe that wasn’t true when the show was on. I can’t remember now.

Harry married her. Charlotte. That’s it.

Yes, I relate to Charlotte. Except I am probably half Charlotte and half Harry. Actually, I would really enjoy hanging out with Charlotte and Harry. That would be fun.

Anyway, I remembered this weekend that we used to ask which one we were. And I recalled thinking I wasn’t really any of them. And the reason I realized it was because a movie was playing with Diane Keaton and I realized I’ve become Diane Keaton. And that’s pretty cool because I like Diane Keaton.

So that’s it. In Sex and the City, I play the Diane Keaton character.


And that is the end of the entertainment. Below there is a very un-entertaining journal entry. It’s only for the die hards so get out while you can. : )

Happy Monday.

It’s not too late to make it start heading in a different direction.


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You May Lay Your Head Down.


Remember back to the olden days, when you spent the entire night redialing to get a ring instead of a busy signal?

Back then, in school, when we were finished our assignment, test or quiz, teachers allowed us to “put your head down on your desk.”

Being the little know-nothings we were, we would place our cute little heads on top of our cute crossed arms, not realizing how stupid we looked.

I was a fast finisher so I always got to lay my head down on my arms.

But back then, the school desks only got washed once a grading period, if I recall correctly. I need to remember to tell that to my nieces and nephew. They all carry hand sanitizer.

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You “Worked” at Sheppard Pratt?


The next time you take a year off from college, spend it in a psychiatric hospital.

It was the B.E.S.T. experience of my life.

No question about it. Still. To this day.

After my second year of college, I was in need of a break. I had arrived at school so excited to proclaim myself pre-law, but once there I was really drawn more to social sciences and psychology.  Back home, I had volunteered in hospitals (anyone need a Candy Striper or Pinkie uniform?) and I liked the medical environment. So after my fourth semester of college, I left school, came back to Baltimore and got a job at the most beautiful psychiatric hospital around these parts, Sheppard Pratt.

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