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God, grant me the serenity…and could you fast track that?

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Today I forgot to call somebody.

I was supposed to call them after they said “should you call me?”

I never would’ve offered to call the person because I’m not a phone person and because I forget to call anyone unless we’ve scheduled an appointment in the calendar to have a phone call…like an appointment. But in my mind, this was a somewhat casual call.

And I suck at casual.

So I forgot to call this person.

I forgot to call them to discuss something which is, in the scheme of things, not urgent.

Actually it was a conversation about a thing that’s not even a scheduled thing yet. I was calling them, at their request, since I’m not a phone person, to discuss the possibility of possibly making something possible.

So on the very day that I was supposed to call somebody to discuss something that may or may not happen sometime in the future, there were men right outside my window putting in new lights that have motion detectors. The men were there for several hours while the dogs – mine and the one I’m apparently watching – were barking like crazy inside.

The men were there for several hours while the dogs barked inside and while my editor ~ bless her heart in the good way ~ tried to squeeze a week’s worth of humor out of me instead of a day or two’s worth.

I don’t mind that she was doing that.  I know why she wants more material earlier this week.  It’s not, generally speaking, a problem to rush or cram humor.

But I should have realized that I couldn’t do anything else in the world until she had squeezed me fully. And I might have….but I wasn’t thinking straight because dogs were barking and men were talking and I had a week’s worth of humor to cough up.

So anyway, now somebody is mad at me for not calling them and the only thing I’ve gotten out of is that I should really just turn my phone off.

I don’t think my phone is helping anybody.

Except for the texting part.

Texting is so helpful for everyone in my life – almost.

I should probably disable the actual telephone and let people know that telephone is something I just can’t because it gets me in trouble.

Then again, I’m sure that I didn’t have the telephone I would find some other way to get in trouble, so maybe that’s not an effective solution.


On another note, Jaycee Dugard‘s second book came out today on and all of the other places that provide books to readers. I highly recommend both her first book and her second book even though I’ve only listened to one hour of her second book.

Jaycee Dugard happens to have an amazing story, but in addition to that she is a very good writer who is able to capture a wide variety of images and deliver them to the reader without making the reader do any work.  I really like that.

To the person who I forgot to call, I am sorry. I know that is disrespectful of your time. I’m sorry you weren’t high on my list of things to remember at the time it counted the most. I actually am sorry even though I don’t sound sorry.  I don’t sound sorry now because I’m tired from a day of barking dogs, one of which isn’t even mine.

To the rest of you, I hope you know how to use your phone better than I do and I hope your summer Tuesday is going well.

May Pandora play Joan Jett for you the way it did for me.

And remember that every minute counts.  For better or worse.

xoxo, d

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