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The bran muffin next door.


There’s a bran muffin in walking distance that calls my name every day.

The bran muffin has some health benefits, I’m sure.

For instance, the bran muffin probably has bran, right? And that’s good for you, right?

Truth be told, and sorry here for the TMI, I don’t need bran. Or, I suppose I should say, I don’t need more bran. Or maybe it’s more correct to say ‘I don’t need more fiber in my diet.’

Anyway, you can see what I mean…that you probably can’t go terribly wrong with a bran muffin. It’s probably a good thing, generally speaking.

But is it?

This bran muffin is intoxicating and dangerous. It’s impossible not to want it. It’s huge and moist and overflowing with juicy things that might be raisins. And, though it’s not sprinkled with large grains of sugar, it looks like it may as well be. It looks sweet.

It. Looks. Sweet.

The brain muffin probably contains an entire day’s worth of calories all by itself.

Not that I count calories, I don’t.

But sometimes it’s just so obvious that a particular food has soooooo many calories all by itself that you may as well go ahead and eat an entire pizza (if pizza is your thing).

Pizza isn’t my thing, but I could eat an entire foot long sub from Subway and then eat another one later on for dessert.  I would choose tuna for one sub and cold cut or Italian for the other.


So anyway, the bran muffin usually sits next to a blueberry muffin and just don’t even get me started on the blueberry. I can’t even.

Just so you know, there’s no point to this essay.

It’s just a reminder that I can’t have everything I want.

Or that I can.

Or that YOLO.

Or something.

Enjoy your day.  It’s summer.


Stay cool. And hydrate!

xoxo, d
Images, art and characters made of 100% love.


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