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Meetings about meetings.


Thank you to Mike Peterson and his Comic Strip of the Day for shouting out Reply All about it’s ugh on meetings!  It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my discontent over the ever increasing number of meetings and my yearning for that time when people wanted fewer meetings. For some reasons, it feels like folks want more of the meetings lately. But maybe that’s just in my professional hood.

I’m always a fan of Mike’s writing. He tells a good story.  He delivers a lot in a single line.

Kind of a like a cartoon writer. : )

My favorite Mike Peterson CSOTD line from today – “A grocery store where I used to live had a sign in their cereal aisle to let you know where the bran flakes and Grape-Nuts were. It said “Adult flavors.” “

Thanks for the LOL, Mike. Always appreciate a good LOL. Sometimes there’s a shortage around here.

xoxo, d

We love less or fewer or both or either.
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“I love the fact that Lizzie is at the stage where she knows it’s all a crock but fears that maybe she just isn’t doing it right. As the Master said, “Knowing is half the battle.” –
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 Thank you to @CSOTD and Mike Csotd Peterson for being so smart about Reply All’s meaning. Mike captures faux-Zen better than I think it.

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