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Could it BE More Easy?


Could this be easier?

It has always been this hard.

I understand that. But can’t we make this easier for you?

But it has always been this hard.

Yes, of course.


What if we simplify it?

Is that even possible?


But it’s been this way forever. 

So it’s a great time to try changing it.

But can I change it?

Well, you’ve got lots of practice so the transition to doing it easier shouldn’t be too tough.

I wish I had known it didn’t have to be this hard.

You were busy learning other things you needed to learn.

Oh yeah. I did need to learn those things.

Yeah. Look at how much you know! You know a lot of useful stuff!

This is kind of exciting! Let’s make everything easier!

Now THAT is a good addiction.

Be addicted to making things easier. And better.

Be addicted to getting there faster. 

But only if you’re getting to somewhere better from somewhere bad.

Otherwise, keep it slow and steady.

And remember to breathe.



Hypnotized coffee

I was excited to hear Scott Adams talk with Dr. Drew about predictions for 2022.

I’m a big fan of Scott Adams. I’m probably a member of his cult since he’s most likely hypnotizing me with his daily ‘simultaneous sip’ of coercion.

Although, actually, I’m guessing it’s not the simultaneous sip that’s the hypnotizing act. It’s too obvious a move. Like swinging a coin on a chain in front of your face.

Nah. I think Scott Adams is hypnotizing us with a phrase or a motion. Like when he fixes his microphone.

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