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Open Ended Writing Prompts


Open-ended Writing Prompts. For your writing or self-discoverization pleasure.

I used to be _______________

I remember when __________________

Remember when _______________?

You have no idea __________________

I had no idea ______________

If I had known, ____________

I wish I had known ______________

It’s one of those days _____________

It’s one of those weeks when _____________

It’s one of those days when I may have to _____________

It’s one of those days when I may inadvertently _____________

I could write a movie about ____________

I could write the book on __________

If I could, I would _________

I need a card that says ____________

My quirkiest habits are _____________

What about them __________

Make it opposite _________

Maybe the opposite __________

What if the opposite ?

The number of items on my WANT list is around _______



I use writing prompts all the time to stir up material. And to stir up memories. And brain activities. And to self-therapute.

I’ll upload some of today’s responses later. After you’ve had time to marinate. What’s that line from?

Just one more week of dark dinners! We get our longer days next Sunday! Woo hoo!

Time to pump up the tires and put on Bella’s cute sweater.

Happy Sunday.

Remember good things today.

xoxoxo, d, and ruff ruff, Bella

You “Worked” at Sheppard Pratt?


The next time you take a year off from college, spend it in a psychiatric hospital.

It was the B.E.S.T. experience of my life.

No question about it. Still. To this day.

After my second year of college, I was in need of a break. I had arrived at school so excited to proclaim myself pre-law, but once there I was really drawn more to social sciences and psychology.  Back home, I had volunteered in hospitals (anyone need a Candy Striper or Pinkie uniform?) and I liked the medical environment. So after my fourth semester of college, I left school, came back to Baltimore and got a job at the most beautiful psychiatric hospital around these parts, Sheppard Pratt.

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Get There Faster.

Sometimes things take too long.  Fact.

Now sometimes it just feels like things are taking too long, We all know about that.

But then then there are times when things DO take too long.

Or maybe there are times when things too SOOOOOO long and we want to be sure they never take that long again if we can help it.

Well THAT is my new mission in life.

I have a few other missions, of course, but the mission that you might also benefit from is Getting There Faster.

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Why does it matter?

So why do I keep talking about my diagnosis?

Because it could change someone else’s experience.

And here is how it could do that.

For decades, I had horrible intrusive thoughts of death and suicide.

But once I mentioned suicide, I was ONLY treated for depression. And treatment for depression wasn’t enough.

But finally, a doctor connected my intrusive thoughts of death and suicide with OCD. And I was able to get effective treatment,

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