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But It’s Strawberry!


Try making a list. Not a big list. Not a serious, inspiring, motivating, nudge-your-butt TO DO LIST. ‘

No. No. No. No. No.

A Little List. A FUN LIST.

I make a nice, relaxed, no pressure, doesn’t-have-to-be-perfect, not final, not-gonna-be-laminated, fun list of say 3 items.

A list that requires some thought. Something fun to think about. And I give it a name. Because it’s fun giving names to lists. It makes them official. And it’s fun when things are official. Even if they are unofficially official.

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But It’s Strawberry!


Try making a list. Not a big list. Not a serious, inspiring, motivating, nudge-your-butt TO DO LIST. ‘

No. No. No. No. No.

A Little List. A FUN LIST.

I make a nice, relaxed, no pressure, doesn’t-have-to-be-perfect, not final, not-gonna-be-laminated, fun list of say 3 items.

A list that requires some thought. Something fun to think about. And I give it a name. Because it’s fun giving names to lists. It makes them official. And it’s fun when things are official. Even if they are unofficially official.

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Why Do Side Effects Matter?

Bella forgot to take her meds.

(This impassioned speech was in response to a question asked on LinkedIn. That is attached below.)

Side effects matter for those who can’t work if they are sedated, lethargic, losing their balance, falling, confused, unable to find words to make sentences, crying while speaking or unable to understand the directions they are being given. All because of side effects from medications that have to be at a high enough dosage to actually treat the symptoms of the related disorder effectively.

That is why side effects matter to us. Because we need to work.

If you are interested in getting health insurance to pay for treatments that enable you to be free of your worst symptoms and able to work, you might be interested in this conversation. Even just as an example of how a person like me, a nobody in the grand scheme of things, starts a conversation like this.

I could have had this treatment seven years ago. In theory. In reality, I wouldn’t have been able to get it, but I would have started fighting for it. It has changed my life completely. I have gone from planning my death to planning my life.

Are your side effects keeping you from living your life? Or are you unable to get to your effective dosage because the side effects disable you and keep you from working? Maybe there is treatment with fewer side effects. Maybe you can get insurance to pay for it. Like I did.

If you are sick of reading about #TMS, if this stuff is not for you, don’t worry. It’s over.

And I PROMISE the very next post will be F.U.N.


Or, as Missy used to say, it will be FUNNER!

Happy Friday Eve.

Do something different today.

I did something different and it changed my entire life.

xoxo2nth, d and bella

And JK about Bella. She doesn’t take any meds. She meditates and does yoga.



This is the LinkedIn post that prompted my response on LinkedIn today – which prompted this post – which violated my own rule that I wouldn’t post anymore about TMS for a while – but it’s okay, because we’re flexible now that we’ve had TMS. : )

@donnalewisdc on linkedin


90 Day Fiancé is really getting good.  I usually highly recommend it. Now I super duper highly recommend it.  Times two.  If you watch it, you’ll find out what neuro-spiciness is.

And Match Me Abroad too! So good!

Now,  does anyone know where one can watch the first five years of MTV over and over again. Is there a way to do that?

Playing MTV years 1981-1986 in the background would be amazing. And I’m not just talking video clips. I want the mix of videos and talking so I feel like Martha Quinn and Nina Blackwood are hanging out with me. Those two  could go everywhere with me on my laptop. Now THAT would be fun.

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Somebody I said Ruh-Roh to this past week didn’t know the reference. What’s the age cutoff for that reference?

And today somebody posted a quote by a pretty well know Buddhist and I disagreed. Is that bad karma?

How much weight does that stuff carry?

I call BS. Even though I really like a lot of Buddhism. I just don’t believe this one part.

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Who Are We?

On what subjects or topics could you present for 40 minutes?
With minimal preparation?

I’ill post mine along with yours in the comments.

You go first. No, You. You.


What’s Your Thing?


Everyone is completely fascinated by something. Completely drawn to something.
What is your fascination? What is your thing?
And is it mostly good for you or not really so good?

Your fascination may be something new.  Or maybe it’s something you’ve been fascinated with all your life.
It may be something or someone.
Maybe it’s more than one thing. Maybe you are attracted to, drawn to, devoted to more than one thing.
But remember, we’re talking fascinated. F-a-S-c-I-n-A-t-E-D

Do you currently engage with your fascination in a way that is satisfying to you? Did you in the past? The near past? Far past?
Do you want to engage with your fascination the same, more or less?

Do you engage with your fascination in a way that is satisfying to the person or people whose opinion you care about most?
Do they want you to engage  the same, more or less?
And how does that work with with your responses to the questions you just answered?

Trying to figure out whether to punch, hike or walk. Need a better default method for decision making. Current default doesn’t work on days ending in day.

But it tastes good.

Hope your Saturday has more good parts than bad.
Hope you’re moving in the right direction.
Even if it’s hard. Hope it’s the direction you want.

Show your work. 

xoxoxo, d and bella



Something in Your Story

Something in your story will save someone else. It may not save their life, but it may save their day. Or their night.

Your story could save someone a lot of pain.  Or money. Or going in the wrong direction.

Someone needs to hear your story.

If you are ready, and only if you are ready, share your story. Or part of it. The juicy part. JK

But truth. Someone needs to hear your story.

Stories are life savers.  Share if you can.

Happy Friday

Try the New York Times Questions with someone you like.

Or someone you might like.


xoxoxo, d and bella



Halfway Huggers


What’s the current status on hugging? Is there any good source of current guidance on that in light of the world’s current intensities? I feel like it’s either all or nothing. Maybe there are  two camps:  huggers and non-huggers. Oh. But there are halfway huggers too. They want to hug, but they’re not really huggers…. but they want to hug.

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Brenda and Dylan

My money was always on Brenda and Dylan. I never believed in Dylan and Kelly. I mean I get that Dylan wanted to save Kelly. Everyone wanted to save Kelly. Kelly had many circumstances that she needed to be saved from because she was kind of a baby. But Dylan needed someone tougher than Kelly and Brenda was definitely a billion times tougher than Kelly. Brenda was the real deal. Brenda didn’t need the Peach Pit. She went off to find her own life and be a real actress. She didn’t wait around for Dylan to make up his mind. That’s my kind of girl.

But I did love their little threesome. And I watched it over and over and over. For decades. Because they were my family.

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When is A Lot Too Much?


Sometimes it feels like the wrong questions are getting asked. Or that the questions asked aren’t the helpful questions that will lead to answers.

Sometimes we want to say “why don’t you ask this: _____________?”  But it’s hard to say that for lots of reasons.  And that’s another ten essays.

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What Do You Want?


Watch Mark Manson’s videos on YouTube if you have only read his books.  And definitely read his books. He says everything in such a simple, direct way that makes total sense.  And he’s really nice.  So it’s nice hanging out with him.

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Can’t Start a Fire Without a Spark.

The real challenge of writing comic strips and cartoons is that I’m not always in the lightest of moods.  So no matter what’s going down, or how much of it there is, I still need to produce something decent on deadline.  And once the editors send those off to the printers, they are gone. Even if they are too dark.  And sometimes they are too dark, I think. But I guess every writer, artist and creator of a regularly scheduled work product feels the same pressure at various points. Sometimes you just aren’t producing your most amazing work. But your work gets published anyway. And it is what it is. 

It’s like getting your school photo taken on the days you feel sick.

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Adventures of an A.T. Widow


No, Boo!

Adventures of an AT Widow is the tragic love story of a heartbroken young lawyer, abandoned by her cruel S.O. who left her alone on the sofa while he dashed off to discover the dangerous wilds of the Appalachian Trail.

He chose 2,200 miles of unknown who-knows-what just to get away from his significant other’s total failures at cooking, cleaning and html coding. At least that’s how it’s written in my script. But no, that’s not exactly what happened in real life.

I am not yet so shallow and self-obsessed to think the dude hiked 2,200 miles just to get away from me.  He could have gotten away from me far more easily than that.  A restraining order would have been cheaper and faster. Plus, I could have gotten one for him. I would have been a pal and helped him out that way. I know my way around a courthouse.

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Do You Have a Plan?


Do you have a plan? Some of you have heard this in the bad way. When you are in a crisis.

But ask yourself when you are not in a crisis. What am I making plans for right now?

Right now, I am making plans for the future. I cannot stop planning my future.

Before, I was making bad plans. Before, I would have said “I cannot stop planning the end of it all.”

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Journal Bits in May.



Random Journal Bits From May

Cartoonists and dogs.
Need to make plans for cartoonists and dogs to do something helpful.

Some days are snapshot days.
Take a snapshot.
Because everything will look different to you soon.
And you can’t figure out how it will look different even though after it looks different it will look like a puzzle that was only missing once piece.

And if you don’t like the way your life looks today, it’s the BEST DAY to take a snapshot
Because if you take a snapshot you will be committing yourself to moving in the right direction of hoping everything will look different to you soon

Let it be funny.
Let it. be fun.
Let it be fun. And funny. Just try seeing it the funny way. It’s easier to see if that way.

Change up the question from time to time if you already know the answer.
Instead of “How are you feeling?” try “What are you doing?”
Instead of “How are you doing?” try “What’s going on on?”

That is the answer
No more homework
All action items now
Do I understand that?
Just updated Journal

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Is A Breakup Funny?

Lizzie and Drew are better as friends. I don’t think they’re good for each other anymore.

There. I said it. Since nobody else was going to say it, I said it.

Or maybe they just need a break. Some time apart.

Or maybe a getaway. Maybe they need to get away to the beach.

So now I have to do something about it and I don’t know what to do. I’m thinking about having them continue to live together because they really do love each other. Then they could just date other people until something else sparks and causes a situation. Is that an awful thing to suggest?

I’m scared to break them up, but I’m scared to keep them together.

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Which Girl Are You?

Were You a Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or the other one? The one whose name I can’t remember is actually the one I relate to the most. But maybe that wasn’t true when the show was on. I can’t remember now.

Harry married her. Charlotte. That’s it.

Yes, I relate to Charlotte. Except I am probably half Charlotte and half Harry. Actually, I would really enjoy hanging out with Charlotte and Harry. That would be fun.

Anyway, I remembered this weekend that we used to ask which one we were. And I recalled thinking I wasn’t really any of them. And the reason I realized it was because a movie was playing with Diane Keaton and I realized I’ve become Diane Keaton. And that’s pretty cool because I like Diane Keaton.

So that’s it. In Sex and the City, I play the Diane Keaton character.


And that is the end of the entertainment. Below there is a very un-entertaining journal entry. It’s only for the die hards so get out while you can. : )

Happy Monday.

It’s not too late to make it start heading in a different direction.


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