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More Than Anything…

Sea Girl 02 SM

Want something more than anything.
Know something more than anything.
Feel something more than anything.
Love something more than anything.

Above all, know what your ‘more than anything’ is.

And make it more important than everything.

Because It’s Time…

Someone asked why I was writing this blog now (or something like that)…

I’m writing this blog because there was a time when I needed to read about the experience of someone who got better.

Maybe someone out there needs to read about the experience of someone who got better.

And I know what helped me to get better.

I know what I did. I know what worked. I know what didn’t work.

Maybe something that helped me will help someone else.

Or maybe you’ll post a comment about what worked for you. And it will help someone who needs it.

xoxo, dSea Girl 05 SM

Because Someone Asked….

Someone just emailed me and asked about flow.

Flow is the best drug I have. And I’m lucky to be able to get into a flow state easily.

Read about it. Then try it.

xoxo, d

Own Private Idaho

Welcome to Find the Quiet, a blog I hope will take us on a wonderful journey.

Find the Quiet is about pausing. Taking the time to be quiet, in the way that’s helpful for you.

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