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Black and Blue Sitting

stories of survival

Living Broken is a mixed media exploration of those living with significant challenges. Mixed-media works share stories of survival from people who struggle with depression, addiction, and other life challenges.

Do You Know Someone Who
Might Like to Share Their Story?

wearable & shareable art

Art is available for sale, licensing, and reproduction on products. Prices vary depending on the medium used for the original art and the desired production process. Commissions are also available.

Support Mental Health Organizations

The proceeds of every Living Broken purchase—painting or product—go to causes that are important to each storyteller. Art can heal, and art can fund mental health organizations.

About the Name
“Living Broken”

To me, “Living Broken” best describes what my life feels like. I am living. I am indeed living. I am living a full life, an active life, a meaningful life, and a busy life. But a piece of me is broken.

My brain is broken.

My brain is wired in a way that doesn’t work as well as it should. My brain doesn’t do its normal brain business in a way that’s helpful or necessary for the basic activities of living. So I spend every day of my life making adjustments to accommodate and manage the messages my brain delivers.

To me, that’s a broken system.

I know that other people living with struggle don’t describe themselves as broken. And that’s okay. Everyone caught inside the complexity of struggle has semantics that work for them. And everyone has semantics they hate.

The word “broken” helps me to think of my condition as just another condition that needs some attention, management, or fixing. The word broken helps me to remember that my condition is just a part of my life, not the entirety of who I am. Broken, to me, just means that I, as a person, am living life with the distraction of a broken part. It’s like a beautiful, wonderful home with a basement that gets flooded when it rains no matter how hard you try to keep it from flooding.

Which Mental Health Organizations Do You Love?

Do you work with an organization that does really great work and might like to partner on a Living Broken series that addresses the unique challenges of the demographic they serve? Or, do you know of any mental health organizations you’d like to give back to?

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