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Use Your Words

Use Your Words

Here’s a sample list to start with.

I filled in a few cells. Maybe we could share the rest later with each other. I grow these lists each day in my journal, log, whatever you call it. Not all at once. I add them slowly throughout the day as the ideas evolve more organically. As I remember things I used to know or as I am reminded of feelings, memories, and all of that, I jot words down for revisiting later. Then, when I revisit later, I can see where I want to focus more attention or less attention. You get the drift. I can take what I’ve written and feed it into CBT, DBT, writing, word art, lyrics, dialogue, whatever.

Try it. Add your own words. I use Microsoft OneNote for this type of journaling because OneNote easily organizes into topic headings, subs, etc and because OneNote automatically updates.

I posted this over at Substack. I am checking out Substack’s Chat feature. If you’re over there, find me at Cartoons and Ketamine.

Happy Sunday!

xoxo, d (and bella)

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