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List of Ten: Marcus Aurelius and Andrew Tate


The “List of Ten” is, generally speaking, a list I make of random items I want to keep for later. I add to it as little luxuries like podcasts and playlists and images float across my laptop.

Mine from this week is down below. There are some long podcasts included. For those who fear three hour podcasts, a reminder that you can just jump to the timestamp you want and skip the content you don’t care about.

So here goes my List of Ten.



(1)    “Actively engaged in figuring out how to figure out”

This is how Scott Adams described his audience in Coffee with Scott Adams.

I wasn’t listening to the subject matter. It was something I ignore when he talks about it. I mostly listen for his logic and analysis. I listen for his lessons. And the dirty stuff.
Coffee is on YouTube for free, Locals for $$.

POSSIBLY HELPFUL INFO: I use Microsoft OneNote for Mac to make my lists. This is a great video from Leila Gharani that explains how to use the basic organizational features.

She’s easy to follow and the video is simple to watch. I like the search functionality on OneNote. I wish it had better Export features, but it might and I just haven’t learned them yet.

(2) Mark Parisi’s Cartoon


I’m still trying to figure out Mark Parisi’s Squid cartoon, which reminds me to see what that squid game was all about. Which reminds me I haven’t watched anything funny yet this week.

So I need to find something funny from The Watch List or find something new and funny today. I’ll try not to default to one of my usuals.

(3 ) Today’s Pandora Playlist: Life in a Northern Town featuring Roxy Music  – This playlist is 100% sentimental and curated with the sole purpose of transporting me back to the 1980’s Rotunda in Baltimore where I met a best friend in The Bead and a boyfriend or two in the record store across the hall from the Hallmark store.  And where I used to take my grandmother, the late-in-life painter, to the grocery store on my days off.


(4) The amazing Mike Lynch posted a great reminder to watch Moonstruck again soon. Need to do some math. I probably watch Moonstruck twice a year. Maybe four times since I have to watch it if I catch it on tv and I surf movie channels in the cold weather. I’ll do the math. I’ve watched it a line. I can say the lines. I really wanted Loretta’s hair. I used to get my hair permed to try to get it to look like that. And to try to get a guy like Nicholas Cage. A baker with trauma. Ha.

“Snap out of it!”

“Do you love him Loretta?”
“Ma, I love him awful.”
“Oh, God, that’s too bad.”


(5)  This is a GREAT three-in-a-row to instantly UP your productivity and pace!


(6 1/2) Thank you to Deidri Deane for literally my first LOL of the afternoon.

It’s 6.5 and not 7 because I have a complex set of numbering rules for my not-so-inner obsessive. Don’t ask.


(7) Speaking of Scott Adams, here’s the Evening Update:

He announced on his Locals Man Cave in an impromptu book launch party that Amazon KDP reversed his lifetime ban. So his book on Reframing will be available for sale tomorrow.

Reframing Is a topic that can change your life.  It’s similar or overlapping with CBT, for those who like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I have followed Scott Adams for a long time because he is a Dale Carnegie compatriot.  That’s the connection I feel to his perspective and writing.  Before all of the cancellation stuff, I had read all of his books and I followed him for years because I can hear the Dale Carnegie lessons in his approach to other life challenges.

Anyway, I can’t wait to read it and hear him talk about it. Good timing too since everything in my life needs a new reframe.  🤎

(8) Chicks in the Office. I like checking in to see what they are up to and today they are wearing pajamas at the office!

I use the word “office” loosely. I don’t really understand their office or what they do. But I like them and listening to them makes me smile. And tonight there should be an update on Britney Spears & Oprah. Woo hoo!

(9) Into every day a little Andrew Huberman must fall.

Here he is talking about the neuroscience of grief. It’s interesting, obviously, and really helpful. And easy to understand, since he explains science so well.


(10) Stoicism!! Because what is any day without Stoicism?

Here is Tom Bilyeu talking to Ryan Holiday about all things Marcus Aurelius and Andrew Tate. It’s a really cool conversation. Really engaging.  Going to listen again. (I ended up listening more than twice, actually)

Great way to wrap up today’s last hour of drawing.🤎


I look forward to seeing what’s on your lists.

Updating this list has been “super fun” as Reese Witherspoon would say in Legally Blonde.

xoxoxo, d and bella

P.S. Can’t wait to hear what you think about the Chicks in the Office conversation about gym wear. Ha ha ha ha ha.

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