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90 Day Fiancé is really getting good.  I usually highly recommend it. Now I super duper highly recommend it.  Times two.  If you watch it, you’ll find out what neuro-spiciness is.

And Match Me Abroad too! So good!

Now,  does anyone know where one can watch the first five years of MTV over and over again. Is there a way to do that?

Playing MTV years 1981-1986 in the background would be amazing. And I’m not just talking video clips. I want the mix of videos and talking so I feel like Martha Quinn and Nina Blackwood are hanging out with me. Those two  could go everywhere with me on my laptop. Now THAT would be fun.

The painting above is the beautiful work of Missy Scherr, my oldest bestest friend from first grade and the coolest art therapist in all the land.  Missy and I had a dark but fun childhood together.  Full of Harold and Maude and lying about being at the library and other wholesome activities. If I won the lottery, I would write the script of our years growing up together, channeling the energy from our supercharged life dramas by creating little shoe box worlds filled with animal erasers. We have stories that would trigger everybody. Ha ha ha ha ha.

I think I’ve had this painting since the 80’s. I think I brought it home with me to Bethesda after visiting Missy in Morgantown, West Virginia. I’ll have to check with her to see if that sounds right. I have more of her art hanging around here too. Living in DC, my space is really small. So all the art looks bigger and super bold on the walls. It’s probably a bit too intense for visitors, but so am I, so it all works out.

So, as some of you know,  my place flooded for the third time.  If there is a God – and that is not today’s topic – he or she or them is clearly telling me to make a change at home . I get the message loud and clear. I’m just not sure how big the change should be. That is information I haven’t received yet.

But now, with a ceiling ripped out, It’s obviously about the minimum level of change. My home – at the very least – now needs to be basically redone. So that’s the third carpet and ceiling makeover in a relatively short period. Don”t ask how short. I’ll cry.

Actually, I won’t cry. I’ll laugh. 

Because I know how to laugh instead of crying. Neat trick.

 The question is whether I hang around for the makeover and enjoy it for a while or go elsewhere to experience a new location. I’ve written the pros and cons now about three billion times and they shed absolutely no more than 50-50 light. Equal stay and equal go. All the options are equally good.

I don’t know what I want to do. I love my place in DC. I have my own private woods. Woods that I generously share with the National Park Service, deer and other wild animals. And I have neighbors I love. And it’s walkable to amazing places, best of all my very own personal National Cathedral. It’s just an amazing location. And an amazing place. I really love my place.

Buuuuuut. On the other hand, I keep seeing all these really nice affordable places near oceans, beaches and bays,  oh my!

So I’m packing, either for storage, moving or makeover. I guess we’ll know when we know. For now  I need to listen to The Clash.  And Bryan Ferry.  Because, well, Bryan Ferry.

And I need to clean this place up from the mess from the flood. And I need to do something special for poor Bella who is just really looking at me like “What’s next” as she lays exhausted from the traumas and violations on the downstairs floor where she is definitely not used to being during the day. Something is going on and she just can’t figure it out anymore. Everything has changed.

I know, Bella, I know. There’s a lot going on. And there’s been a lot of people in and out. 

And it’s a mess. It just looks like a horrible mess. But really it’s a beautiful, magical, hopeful, mess that’s covering up some diamonds and gold.

I keep telling Bella we’re going on a really fun adventure. And this time I really mean it.

There’s a Brady Bunch channel now. OMG. I need the Clash. And David Bowie. And Thomas Dolby more than ever now.  I’ll keep you posted on the search for MTV.

Have a great Sunday. Hug a scientist. And hug two other people. Because two other people need a hug from you.

xoxoxo, d and bella




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