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Somebody I said Ruh-Roh to this past week didn’t know the reference. What’s the age cutoff for that reference?

And today somebody posted a quote by a pretty well know Buddhist and I disagreed. Is that bad karma?

How much weight does that stuff carry?

I call BS. Even though I really like a lot of Buddhism. I just don’t believe this one part.

And today’s post was supposed to be the beginning of the lighter side posts. Oh well.

But it’s been too hectic to be light. The place above mine flooded again. It’s the word “again” that made it all so fun

So I’m short on entertaining stories that don’t have a destructive theme. It’s all been noir around here.

But actually, this flood wasn’t as awful as the last two times, so all is really well. And Bella was relieved we weren’t relocating because of water damage and all that mess. It was nothing like before.

What’s the deal with my neighbor and the inability to contain water? I don’t know.

Anyway, the holiday weekend flood brought to a close (hopefully) a week in which my outside cable was cut by the guys installing underground pipes. Then the guys digging outside put a tunnel where Bella’s walkway route of almost ten years had been. And all the digging introduced a mouse to the family.

Yes, just one mouse. I have to believe it’s only one mouse in order to not freak out.

There was more devastation, but that’s enough for now.

Bella and I have taken up smoking Marlboro’s. And not the Lights either.


But we’re glad that everything is mostly back to normal.

But I respectfully disagree with some wise well-known Buddhist. They said something I don’t buy. Other groups say similar things.

About being taught lessons. And how many lessons it takes until you learn or need more lessons or something about when you’re finished learning.

I call BS.

I don’t think anyone knows the grand plan for the lessons we get taught. I’ve been taught more than my share of lessons. Don’t tell me there’s more coming. I can only keep going if I stupidly think the last lesson was the worst for a little while and also the best in terms of its particular outcome. The last has to be it… at least for a little while. I know there’s more noir ahead. That’s life. I know there’s going to be more floods. Hopefully not too many more mice.

And hopefully not too many lost car keys.

Oh, didn’t I tell you? The car key was lost for two days. Because of the flood. When everything had to get moved in the dark. Because the flood was at night. And we were scared to turn on the electricity for fear of a ZAP!

It’s been fun.

But we laughed the whole time. Because of you know what. #TMS #ThankYou2Science&Scientists

When TMS works, everything else is whatever. In the good way.

And Breakfast at Tiffany’s is even MORE better!

Watching Audrey Hepburn is our flood tradition.

We have a flood tradition. Seriously.

Hope your short week is good. Hope things are whatever in the good way.

xoxoxo, d and bella


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  1. Yes. Now just dry it out, fix it upstairs and then drywall it on my end. I feel like I have become a drywall expert.

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