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Brenda and Dylan

My money was always on Brenda and Dylan. I never believed in Dylan and Kelly. I mean I get that Dylan wanted to save Kelly. Everyone wanted to save Kelly. Kelly had many circumstances that she needed to be saved from because she was kind of a baby. But Dylan needed someone tougher than Kelly and Brenda was definitely a billion times tougher than Kelly. Brenda was the real deal. Brenda didn’t need the Peach Pit. She went off to find her own life and be a real actress. She didn’t wait around for Dylan to make up his mind. That’s my kind of girl.

But I did love their little threesome. And I watched it over and over and over. For decades. Because they were my family.

Because when you spend a lot of time alone and some of that time is hard time, you learn to find other families to be your family during the really hard parts of the tough times.

And my family lived in 90210 territory. I also had some family living in Melrose Place. But they weren’t really family so much as people I spied on. But man, they got me through a lot of time too.

Here’s the list of the casts who saved me from the darkest of times:

Melrose Place
Gilmore Girls
Will & Grace
Little House on the Prairie
Ally McBeal

I think that’s the go to list. And when I say go to, I went to those over and over and over again. Those were my comfort watches. Those were the shows that kept me soothed when the battles in my brain were raging.

And I wish I had been able to thank Luke Perry. He just really kept me company a lot of times when I had to kick my company out. Because that’s what happens sometimes when your brain is a battlefield. You need to kick the real people in your real life out. So that you can act out the compulsions that calm your brain down.

OCD sucks. But Luke Perry made it better. Over and over again. For years.

And so did Shannen Doherty. And I hope that I can get a thank you to her because I know she’s having a tough time now. And I want her to know how much she helped me keep going even when I couldn’t keep going.

Dylan and Kelly. Oh please. As if!

Happy Saturday.

I hope you have something near you to smile about. Whether it’s a person, a pet, a pillow, a blanket, a laptop, a smart phone, a podcast, a tic toc, a pizza or popcorn or pretzels or chocolate or a big bottle of whatever you like to drink on a hot summer night.

xoxoxo, d and bella



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