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What Do You Want?


Watch Mark Manson’s videos on YouTube if you have only read his books.  And definitely read his books. He says everything in such a simple, direct way that makes total sense.  And he’s really nice.  So it’s nice hanging out with him.

With regard to Maslow’s quote, I think it’s hard to accept what you really want sometimes because it conflicts with the thing(s) other people want for you. Or what they want for themselves.

And that conflict is a really big deal. A really big, very real deal. That you can’t just ignore. Until maybe you can.

I think it’s helpful to frequently ask yourself ‘what do I want now’ so you keep updating and refreshing what you are going after, getting and accepting.

Keep in sync with what you want by getting used to asking “what do I want.”

And be honest about what you want.

It takes some of us half a lifetime to be honest about what we want. What we really really want. Even if it won’t be a popular choice.

I think a lot of people know what they want but are too scared to pursue it because of inconvenient or uncomfortable consequences.

But keep asking the question. And keeping listening to your answer.

And keeping asking yourself if you are actually being as honest as you can be …or whether you are just saying “I want this in order to ___________.”

I would love to know what you wanted. And what you wanted after that. And what you want now.

Sometimes it works out that I just want what the other person wants. That’s always nice and simple. And I always think about how I didn’t know I wanted it until I heard the other person say it.

That’s why you need other people around. To hear about some good things they had that you wouldn’t have known about had they not been there to tell you.

Happy Friday Eve.

Do Something Different.

Doesn’t have to be a Game Changer. Just something to mix things up. Help you change course.

Even if it’s only just slightly.

xoxoxo, d and bella




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