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Text Me from Lockdown

It really happened. A child I love texted me from a lockdown. And didn’t give me the all clear.

Otherwise, after the heart attack and the searching of news online and school websites,  I was really flattered that I got a text in that situation.

If I did stand up I could write some funny material about that. Maybe I’ll put it in a script

Like how far down the text chain was I? Were any other favorite aunts higher up the chain?

But I don’t do stand up.

Because it starts too late.

Not because I’m afraid to be rejected and humiliated in front of people.

Been there, done that.

Making the t-shirts now.

I will say I am surprised I wrote this cartoon. That’s definitely a #TMS cartoon. I wonder if a certain editor would have let that through.

I hope you are having a great holiday with people and furry people you love.

Thank you to those who sacrificed for our nation’s freedom. We really appreciate you. We really do.

xoxoxo, d (and bella)


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