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Do You Have a Plan?


Do you have a plan? Some of you have heard this in the bad way. When you are in a crisis.

But ask yourself when you are not in a crisis. What am I making plans for right now?

Right now, I am making plans for the future. I cannot stop planning my future.

Before, I was making bad plans. Before, I would have said “I cannot stop planning the end of it all.”

What are you planning for today?

I was planning how to end things before TMS. Now I am planning meetings and conversations and projects and trips to sandy beaches.

What you are planning says a lot about where your head is at….. and whether you feel hopeful about the future.

Unwanted intrusive thoughts and obsessions about death were ruining my life. Before TMS. #neurodivergent #ocd #TMS #mentalhealth

Only TMS stopped the unwanted intrusive thoughts and obsessions about death. In my case. Each person is different. Obv.

There’s so much activity now around TMS and similar technology for depression, anxiety, trauma, ptsd, addiction and any number of other conditions that TMS is beginning to address. And insurance is paying for more and more. And TMS has few side effects, if any. Definitely nothing like some of the medications we have all tried. Check it out.

So, what are you planning?

Do you have a plan?

Do you have a plan used to mean something bad.

But it should mean something good.

Plan for your future. Plan something good.

Plan the good stuff. Not the bad stuff.

Now I cannot stop planning my future. Thanks to TMS. Thank you to the scientists behind that. #TMS #success

Thank you to those who have served.

Hope your short week after the Memorial Day holiday isn’t too confusing and that your holiday was filled with memories that soothe you and something fun too.

xoxoxo, d (and bella)

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