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Which Girl Are You?

Were You a Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or the other one? The one whose name I can’t remember is actually the one I relate to the most. But maybe that wasn’t true when the show was on. I can’t remember now.

Harry married her. Charlotte. That’s it.

Yes, I relate to Charlotte. Except I am probably half Charlotte and half Harry. Actually, I would really enjoy hanging out with Charlotte and Harry. That would be fun.

Anyway, I remembered this weekend that we used to ask which one we were. And I recalled thinking I wasn’t really any of them. And the reason I realized it was because a movie was playing with Diane Keaton and I realized I’ve become Diane Keaton. And that’s pretty cool because I like Diane Keaton.

So that’s it. In Sex and the City, I play the Diane Keaton character.


And that is the end of the entertainment. Below there is a very un-entertaining journal entry. It’s only for the die hards so get out while you can. : )

Happy Monday.

It’s not too late to make it start heading in a different direction.





You’re Just Scared of Losing Everything


I need to focus on starting a new life and getting rid of the old life
Let’s start today
Let’s donate the table

Where can I donate the table?

You are just scared of losing everything
That’s all
But don’t worry

You lost everything before
And you still got through it

Fear of losing it all doesn’t mean you are losing it all

It just means you are scared
It just means you are really scared

But focus on the fear

Make the fear a little less

Chip away at the fear

What can you do now to chip away at the fear?

What can you do right now that would make you feel better? Find one little thing that is upsetting you and work on it.

I need to _______________.

Now do it. Do it. We will wait.

We are waiting. We are not in a rush.

Okay. You did (or you will catch up with doing it later) this ____________.

You did this now. So now, or when you do it, say good job.

Because that is doing a good job.

And when you do a good job of doing one little thing to make yourself feel better, you might feel better.

And if you feel better, you might feel a tiny bit less scared.

If you don’t know or you are not sure, it’s okay.

Check your breathing. Are you breathing better than you were?

If you are breathing better than you were, then good job.

You did it. You made yourself less scared that you are losing it all.

You are not.

You just had a moment.

Now make a plan. One. Two. Three.

We’ll do the other numbers later.

What are the next three things you need to do.

What do you mean?
In the next hour?
Next day?
Next week?
What do you mean by the next three things I need to do?

Well, those are up to you.

Pick anything. It’s your hour or day or week. How much time do you want to focus on?

It’s up to me?

For me, an hour will do. Then the hour after that. Then later today.
I need to know those on a day like today.
So I write those down. Or type those in or out or however typing goes.

And now I do them.

And I am not losing it all.

Look at how far I have come.

You’ve come a long way, baby. OMG, I could get sued for saying that. Oh well, I guess I can write a cartoon about it.

Then get a complaint email because I don’t support women. Even though I’m a woman.

Because I said “You’ve come a long way baby.”

And don’t call anyone baby anymore. It’s offensive.

Don’t even call babies baby. They will get offended.

That’s it.

I am suing myself.

OMG Get back to work. Or you will get fired.

And then you will have lost it all.

Including your health insurance.

And then you won’t be able to get #TMS

Post this without editing

So people can see what journaling looks like when you are scared you could lose it all.


#startnow #dosomethingdifferent #hope


Author’s Note: Posts are most likely (almost definitely) not written the day and time you are reading them. I’m sorry if they are a little scary. So is my head sometimes. You learn to deal with your thoughts when you have dark thoughts like that. The Author is probably walking Bella or working and eating snacks and having a great day even if this post sounds a little desperate. Apologies if the writing scares you. It’s just the writing of someone with a crazy head. But the Author is okay even though her head is a scary place sometimes. Thank you for caring. 🤎



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