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Bring Your Own Snacks.

Now I know why I always hated dating and therapy! Because they both involved leaving the sofa.

I didn’t mind leaving the sofa for work because work was fun. I had friends there and there were good snacks and we had a pretty good time, generally speaking.

But you can’t bring your friends and your snacks with you on a date or to therapy. Well, I guess you could, but you would look insane.

I realized I couldn’t commit to getting off of my sofa for therapy when the new really nice therapist confirmed he only provides therapy in his office.

Boo. : (

Oh well. He’s just not that into virtual CBT.

And I apparently am only into virtual CBT.

I really hoped he was the one. Because I sure don’t feel like spending any more time finding a replacement therapist.

I wanted to check “Find a Replacement Therapist” off my list for good and then quickly enter into a weekly agreement for him to keep me out of trouble.

But I can’t keep going to his office.

It costs too much to park there. And the traffic between there and my place stinks. And the general area of town is hectic, not soothing.

And honestly, virtual therapy has proved to be way too convenient. I have been officially spoiled by visiting doctors online without leaving home.

So there.

Mark me down for permanently remote therapy.

You know, my prior therapist and I started out in an office like everybody else too. Then we both went remote because of Covid. And yada yada yada. And now where is she?  She’s living at a beach! And I want to follow her and live at the beach!

Don’t worry. I’m not actually following her. I’m not allowed to legally.  Just kidding. It’s hard to refrain from restraining order jokes.

But in the metaphorical sense, you know, you want to follow the therapist, not the patients. That’s just some free advice based on years of working with lots of therapists and lots of people who need them.

And, seriously, as it happens, I am planning on spending more time at the beach! And it is precisely because of my therapist.

See, my very cool therapist went to great places.  And she went regularly. Like really intentionally regularly.  And she had very good taste in locations.  Yes, sir.  One of the best things my therapist ever did for me was make me jealous of her life.

Because little by little, I thought “Hey, maybe I can focus on getting closer to the beach.”  And now I am doing just that. I am using my extra brain space figuring out how to get closer to the beach.

Well, I had better get back to drawing cartoons.  I keep meaning to draw more on the weekends so I can free up my evenings. Maybe I can figure that out better this weekend.

If I was at the beach, maybe I could draw outside.

Now isn’t that nicer to think about than all of that dark stuff that used to invade my brain?

Thank you, TMS. #gratitude

As for you, there’s still time tonight to Do Something Different. Do you have something in mind?

I am going to try putting on something different while I draw. Usually I have low music or an old sitcom playing in the background.  Since I haven’t had time yet today to laugh much, I’m thinking of trying some stand up in the background.  My guess is that I’ll tune out the actual stand up, but feel better because people are laughing in my living room.

Because life feels better when there are people laughing in your living room.

Happy Friday Eve.

xoxoxo, d (and bella)



Author’s Note: Posts are most likely (almost definitely) not written the day and time you are reading them. I’m sorry if they are a little scary. So is my head sometimes. You learn to deal with your thoughts when you have dark thoughts like that. The Author is probably walking Bella or working and eating snacks and having a great day even if this post sounds a little desperate. Apologies if the writing scares you. It’s just the writing of someone with a crazy head. But the Author is okay even though her head is a scary place sometimes. Thank you for caring. 🤎

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