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Do You Have a Plan?


Do you have a plan? Some of you have heard this in the bad way. When you are in a crisis.

But ask yourself when you are not in a crisis. What am I making plans for right now?

Right now, I am making plans for the future. I cannot stop planning my future.

Before, I was making bad plans. Before, I would have said “I cannot stop planning the end of it all.”

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Text Me from Lockdown

It really happened. A child I love texted me from a lockdown. And didn’t give me the all clear.

Otherwise, after the heart attack and the searching of news online and school websites,  I was really flattered that I got a text in that situation.

If I did stand up I could write some funny material about that. Maybe I’ll put it in a script

Like how far down the text chain was I? Were any other favorite aunts higher up the chain?

But I don’t do stand up.

Because it starts too late.

Not because I’m afraid to be rejected and humiliated in front of people.

Been there, done that.

Making the t-shirts now.

I will say I am surprised I wrote this cartoon. That’s definitely a #TMS cartoon. I wonder if a certain editor would have let that through.

I hope you are having a great holiday with people and furry people you love.

Thank you to those who sacrificed for our nation’s freedom. We really appreciate you. We really do.

xoxoxo, d (and bella)


Journal Bits in May.



Random Journal Bits From May

Cartoonists and dogs.
Need to make plans for cartoonists and dogs to do something helpful.

Some days are snapshot days.
Take a snapshot.
Because everything will look different to you soon.
And you can’t figure out how it will look different even though after it looks different it will look like a puzzle that was only missing once piece.

And if you don’t like the way your life looks today, it’s the BEST DAY to take a snapshot
Because if you take a snapshot you will be committing yourself to moving in the right direction of hoping everything will look different to you soon

Let it be funny.
Let it. be fun.
Let it be fun. And funny. Just try seeing it the funny way. It’s easier to see if that way.

Change up the question from time to time if you already know the answer.
Instead of “How are you feeling?” try “What are you doing?”
Instead of “How are you doing?” try “What’s going on on?”

That is the answer
No more homework
All action items now
Do I understand that?
Just updated Journal

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Is A Breakup Funny?

Lizzie and Drew are better as friends. I don’t think they’re good for each other anymore.

There. I said it. Since nobody else was going to say it, I said it.

Or maybe they just need a break. Some time apart.

Or maybe a getaway. Maybe they need to get away to the beach.

So now I have to do something about it and I don’t know what to do. I’m thinking about having them continue to live together because they really do love each other. Then they could just date other people until something else sparks and causes a situation. Is that an awful thing to suggest?

I’m scared to break them up, but I’m scared to keep them together.

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