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Sometime You Have to Just Go Through It.

Sometimes you have to just go through it.

Find as many buffers as you can.

Get through it without making it worse than whatever it originally was.

You don’t have to add torture to torture. Or frustration to frustration. Or difficulty to difficulty.

You can choose to go through it and skip the extra layers of hard work that make it all seem impossible.

So this time go through it prepared. Prepare to go through it. Because you can get through it.

All you need are buffers. Lots of buffers.

Someone to hug you. A food or two to comfort you. A blanket or three to wrap around you. Extra pillows to prop you. Special people to message you. Extra cases of coffee. Extra coffee in your creamer.

Stay away from the questions you can’t answer honestly.

Or ask people not to ask them.

Or learn to say fine.

Or try to say good.

Or just get through it and have faith that you will make it to the other side of it. Even when you have no more faith. Even when all you have are dreams and fantasies and a few things you want so much to do. And a really deep down feeling of joy that you no longer need to do bad things.

When you get back, say good job. Because you got through it. And that was really hard. And you did it Even though sometimes it felt like you wouldn’t.

Even though this time you really wanted to for the first time ever.

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Author’s Note: This post was most likely not written the day you are reading it. I am probably walking Bella or working and eating snacks and having a great day even if this post sounds a little scary. I know my writing sounds scary sometimes. But I am okay even though my head is a scary place sometimes. Thank you for caring. 🤎

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