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And Then What Happened?


I think a lot about age these days. I think the age I’m at is probably a pretty good age. I’ve definitely paid my dues and earned my keep. I feel like I have paid my dues plus some, to be honest,  I feel like I have lost a lot. Relatively speaking. But there’s still time to have adventures.  So I’m focused on the adventures.

And that sums up my life.

I don’t mean for that to sound so brash or generic, but I’m taking a scriptwriting course and I’m learning to recognize and summarize stories.

It sounds weird to say I’m learning to recognize stories, because we think stories are obvious, but they actually aren’t always.  Stories are not always plain to the eye because your eye is used to seeing what it’s used to looking for. If that makes any sense. And yes, that is science you just heard me summarize. The science-y kind.

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Looking for Laughs


Over the years, when I’ve needed a lift or a charge or a jump, I’ve assigned myself homework. I’ve had all sorts of stupid assignments, from “engage with three people” to “find ten out-loud laughs.”  Those assignments are per day, by the way. Not anything completely insane like per hour.

I’m just reasonably and partially insane, not completely insane.

Engaging with three people, for me, is not too difficult if I really focus on it.  It usually means delivering Compliments or Well-Wishes (CoWWs).  #AcronymAlert

Delivering CoWWs is actually really fun once you get over the initial paralyzing social anxiety. Once you realize the person is unlikely to totally go off on you, you can relax. And when you do say something nice to the person, you will usually see pretty quickly that others enjoy hearing nice things like compliments and well-wishes. Usually you get back a lot more than it took to get it out.

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Making a New Life.


I’m looking for people who are going through something. But not just anything. Something significant. A shift.

Because I’m going through a shift and I need to talk about it.

And my therapist retires in two weeks.

And honestly, she was only available for an hour a week, so really, how helpful was she going to be?

But I’m going through a major shift because TMS is changing my brain.

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