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What Did You Do Different?


Okay, folks. April starts in TWO DAYS. That’s just two sleeps. Let’s do things different in April. Let’s do something different every day.

For those of you ALREADY raising your hands, yes, you can do the same different thing several days in a row if you want. But don’t just do the same different thing for the entire thirty days and then try nothing else. Then you’re just boring. Try a few different things. Or thirty different things. It’s fun and surprising.

And, BTW, this is a great time to start a journal or blog habit, for those of you who need a simple blog prompt. You could just write what you did. If you’re fancy, write the time and date. If you’re deep, write about how you breathed, if you did, in fact, breathe.

So now, I have gotten a head start on you and have already been do this and I LOVE IT.

Doing something different pays off fast if you pick something easy. And pick something you will like. Remember, this is not a form of torture just because it’s an activity.

Remember, this is something you’re doing to make your life better.

Your life + better = YOU have a BETTER LIFE

And look, you never know what one small difference might set into motion.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of things different.

Now that I don’t have to spend the day doing you know what (ie, managing intrusive thoughts about violence and harm), I can actually do a lot more other things. Like good things, fun things, positive things.

Today, I talked to more people than usual and made more plans than usual. Those are very positive actions in my life, particularly because they involve being out and around other people, not just home keeping my sofa warm.

And I practiced turning off email and phone for a while so I wouldn’t be tempted to monitor those while working.

Because you know what happens when we’re tempted to monitor electronics: Major Time Suck

Oooh. And I did NOT write down a few things that I thought of today. I trusted that I would think of them again if they were good ideas.

That one might sound weird to you, but I write down way too much during the day.  Sometimes I manage life more than live life so I’m trying to be aware of that documenting habit and not always go for the journal just because my brain lit up.

So you get the point.

You can practice doing something different the next two days and then officially start doing something different on April first.

April has showers AND thirty days! Who knows what could happen in April now?

We’ll all be setting off little sparks of hope for something new and different.

We’ll see who ends up with a flame or a fire!

🤎 Do Something Different 🤎

Try it tonight if you dare. : )

xoxoxo, d (and bella)

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