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Grab a Stick!

Mix it Up!

They used to say “Take the Stairs” to help people break the habit of riding the elevator three floors (or one floor, in my case).

Today I’m suggesting you find TEN new ways to MIX IT UP!

Not all in one day,  of course. But how about in preparation for Spring? In preparation for April? In preparation for a new life that’s better than the current life?


I have been doing a few things different so far and they are helping me shift my days from their former dark and dutifully productive to lighter and brighter and more fun.

I have forced myself (since I am a real stickler for routine, I have to kinda force myself) to play new Pandora stations, find new music podcasts, watch funny movies and listen to non-political YouTube videos.

That is FOUR right there! See how easy it is?

Actually, it’s not easy. Because I am really into my routines. Those routines have traditionally enabled me to meet my deadlines and get through the day without falling victim to my big, bad brain.

But now I’m ready to take some risks because my brain is doing well. So I’m trying to wander away from my usual music routines, my usual music podcasts, my dark, dark, dark films and my aggressively nasty political videos. I really love that stuff but my brain needs to receive new and different input. And it just has to be lighter. And brighter.

Because I am trying REALLY HARD to live a new life. So I have to put new fuel in my tank.

So I am trying new things.


And I am doing new things. So that my brain doesn’t just settle into the old grooves.

Bella and I are walking new walks. We’re going this way instead of that way. We’re taking to the woods at lunchtime instead of the streets. We’re doing two shorts at night instead of one punishing long.

And I’m going out more. Which I am VERY BAD AT. But I am doing it. I am meeting friends and family for food and music and hugs and laughs. I can do it if I make a real effort to do it.

And again, for my fellow sofa lovers, I know the safety of the sofa very well. But if you want your life to look different you need to do something different. So leave the sofa for a little bit.

Visit the people you love. Take them to Sheetz and order up a fancy spread. Drink 64 ounces of fountain drinks and pretend you can drive home without stopping ten times to pee.

There are a million easy ways to MIX IT UP. A million easy ways to make your day different.

And if your recent days have not been fun, it’s more important than ever that you MIX IT UP NOW … so today is more fun. Or more better. Or less bad.

So walk right instead of left today.
Go to the woods instead of the street.
Phone a friend. Or Zoom instead of phone!
Change your music. Play random stations. Let the music happen to you.
Eat something different. Drink something different. Add a bit of sugar or stay away from the sugar.

Just make one or two little changes so today is different.

Because sometimes doing one or two little things different changes your whole life around.

And sometimes that really works out well.

Happy Sunday


d (and bella)

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