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Behind the Scenes

This cartoon is a good example of a cartoon I had to find a character to give the punchline to. This punchline is really straight out of my mouth – me, dee, the author of the writing.

So normally I would give my real life lines to the character Lizzie. Lizzie, the one with the side ponytail, has the most annoying lines because I have the most annoying thoughts in real life.

But Lizzie can’t have all the lines or the cartoons would be too dull. So sometimes I distribute lines that would otherwise be Lizzie’s to other characters. And I just hope that their ‘real people’ (the real life people behind the characters) won’t mind too much that I gave then an annoying line that might make people think negatively about their character.

It’s the downside of inspiring a character in a cartoon.

So this time, the real life person behind Ann, my colleague, took the hit. Thank you, Stacey.

Stacey has been taking a lot of lines for Lizzie lately as I need more and to distribute annoying lines.

So here’s the real life deal.


And I am really honest about that with everyone in my life. I really am.

And yet, there are some people in my life who are just REALLY PHONE PEOPLE  who insist on phone calls. So I do phone calls with them.

Even though they supposedly know that I’m no good on the phone.

And then, during the phone call, I get distracted because there are keyboards everywhere around me. And I am a writer.

And there are snacks everywhere around me. And I am a snacker.

And I said I’m not good on the phone! I warned you.

So you choose.

Do you want me to chew or type?

Cause I can’t just talk on the phone. I didn’t get that singular focus-while-on-the phone-gene.

My mom got it. And her sister got it.  And they can talk to each other on the phone for hours without doing anything else.

But I don’t got that talent.

So that’s how this cartoon came to be.

Because someone got mad at me for chewing or typing.

But it was probably typing.

It was probably 99.9% odds it was typing.

I’m sorry. I’m just a writer on the loose.

We type whenever we see a keyboard. It’s what we do.

At least I don’t scratch my balls.

Because I don’t have balls.

Maybe I would scratch my balls if I had balls. I don’t know.

One more thing I will never know.

Oh well.

Thank you for reading Reply All. And if I ever tap tap tap while you’re talking, I apologize in advance. It’s like scratching an itch.

And it doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

If I’m talking to you on the phone, believe me, I love you.

And if you’re reading cartoons, thank you extra. We love our readers.


dee and the Reply All Family

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