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What Did You Do Different?


Okay, folks. April starts in TWO DAYS. That’s just two sleeps. Let’s do things different in April. Let’s do something different every day.

For those of you ALREADY raising your hands, yes, you can do the same different thing several days in a row if you want. But don’t just do the same different thing for the entire thirty days and then try nothing else. Then you’re just boring. Try a few different things. Or thirty different things. It’s fun and surprising.

And, BTW, this is a great time to start a journal or blog habit, for those of you who need a simple blog prompt. You could just write what you did. If you’re fancy, write the time and date. If you’re deep, write about how you breathed, if you did, in fact, breathe.

So now, I have gotten a head start on you and have already been do this and I LOVE IT.

Doing something different pays off fast if you pick something easy. And pick something you will like. Remember, this is not a form of torture just because it’s an activity.

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Diagnosing Obsessive or Intrusive Thoughts


I posted this question on Dr. Andrew Huberman’s Ask Me Anything today. I hope someone else is interested too.

Is it possible obsessive or intrusive thoughts (esp of harm or violence) are easily misdiagnosed as MDD or BPD and not diagnosed/treated as OCD?

Could doctors be perceiving periods marked by higher incidence or severity of the individual’s obsessive or intrusive thoughts as mood swings and therefore evidence of BiPolar Disorder or Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)” and therefore treating the individual primarily for depression instead of OCD (where OCD treatment might be more effective)?

While we’re on the subject, I’m also curious as to whether they are they diagnosed more quickly in boys than girls? Are they diagnosed more quickly these days in the younger kids?

I’m dying to know. Pun intended.

Actually, I’m not dying to know.. My obsessions about dying are on hold now from TMS  – on hold for now, and hopefully for a long time.

Now let’s help other people get rid of theirs!!


xoxoxo, d (and bella)

Grab a Stick!

Mix it Up!

They used to say “Take the Stairs” to help people break the habit of riding the elevator three floors (or one floor, in my case).

Today I’m suggesting you find TEN new ways to MIX IT UP!

Not all in one day,  of course. But how about in preparation for Spring? In preparation for April? In preparation for a new life that’s better than the current life?


I have been doing a few things different so far and they are helping me shift my days from their former dark and dutifully productive to lighter and brighter and more fun.

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For All the Tired Brains.


Lying – not laying – on the sofa, resting the brain, looks suspiciously similar to laying on the sofa doing any number of other things that look like doing nothing.

My brain is overloaded and feels like it needs to shut down  Even though I still have lots of things I want to do.

My brain needs to take a night off. Even though I want to go out with friends and visit family and do some Zoom and draw some stuff and write some more.

But no, the diva brain is just not really having any of that. Diva brain wants to be horizontal and chill.

So me and my brain are relaxing on the sofa. Under the blankies. Under the dog.

Just doing a lot of nothing.

And it feels really good.

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