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Too Late to Change It

‘Too Late to Change It‘ is today’s procrastination.

Instead of working on today’s assignment, I am writing about whether I regret writing this cartoon. It’s a new Reply All feature brought to you by procrastination.

So, when I wrote this joke, I had apparently just been engaged with a total Know-it-All.

Just to be clear, there is no shortage of total Know-it-Alls in my life. No shortage.

Like maybe I even got somebody else’s extra rejected total Know-it-Alls.

Anyway, the total Know-it-All was cracking me up because the total Know-it-All really did think they knew everything and that I knew nothing.  It was  comical because it just wasn’t possibly true given how life had played out so far to date.

And thusly, a cartoon was born. Or borne.

I’m not sure which it is.  And I have no blog editor.

But I read the cartoon today online and laughed. I no longer remember who the particular total Know-it-All was the day I wrote that cartoon, but I’ll always have this cartoon to remind me that my memory stinks and total Know-it-Alls are always amusing.

Happy February Saturday.

I’m glad I wrote this cartoon.

And a p.s. thank you to my real life cartoon editors who keep me from looking as stupid as I do before editing,

xoxo, dee


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