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A+ for Shoes

Well? Do you miss them yet?

Too Late to Change It

‘Too Late to Change It‘ is today’s procrastination.

Instead of working on today’s homework, I am writing about whether I regret writing this cartoon. It’s a new Reply All feature brought to you by procrastination.

And I definitely do NOT regret writing this cartoon. I read it today when I went online and I totally agree with Lizzie! I feel that way too! I miss wearing all my pretty work clothes!  And I’m getting tired of being so short wearing heels with only a 1.5” heel. I’m ready to go back to the ZZ Top heels!

So yeah, I like this cartoon. And I think the real question now is whether Lizzie will start wearing more of her fun and fashion-y clothes to the office. Or elsewhere. She might be getting sick of her home office.

Or not.

I can’t remember where the storyline goes.

xoxoxo, dee

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