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Credible hope.

False hope is a lie. It will break your trust.

Hope without details is nothing..
It will shatter your confidence if you can’t even imagine what it might possibly look like.

Credible hope is the promise that something is out there.
Something is out there.
Something real. And reasonable. And within reach.

And you should be hopeful
because we are committed
to putting our hands on it as soon as we possibly can
so we can relieve you from your pain.

Telling someone to be hopeful isn’t as helpful as giving them a reason to be hopeful.

Tell them what you will do..
Will you call them? Bring them? Take them?
Will you find a doctor? Research medications? Explore treatment options?

Make a plan right now and say it out loud.
Make a plan and write it down.
Make a plan and text it.
Make sure the person in pain knows what the next step is and how soon the next step will be taken.

Give hope, yes.
But be sure to make it the valuable kind of hope.
The kind of hope that means something now while the pain feels so so so bad.
Make it the kind of credible hope that enables the person to get through one more day.
Or night.
Until things can start getting better.

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