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Here are the best black wedges ever!  My favorites for outdoor anytime and indoor anytime!

Because what good is a cartoon that laments the need for a black wedge without giving you the link(s) to the Best Black Wedge(s) Ever?

Here’s a link to the Best Indoor Black Wedge from Work to Whatever!

You don’t have to get black. PLUS, you can get patent leather! My all-time favorite! There’s NEVER a wrong time to wear shiny patent leather shoes in ANY color!


And here’s the link to the Best Outdoor Black Wedge from Work to Whatever!

I buy a new pair or two every year. I try to keep one pair nice (clean and dry) and one pair dedicated to the messy, wet,  outdoors endeavors.

You will LOVE THIS SHOE. It’s like walking on a cloud. Of rubber. A rubber cloud.

You can get the same wedge with a strap if you like being strapped in. But that’s your business.

I’ve got a pair. Just for the record.

Enjoy! And load up on Vitamin D and sleep!

We’re getting dangerously close to the months of short dark days. Be prepared!

xoxoxo, d


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