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No you didn’t. “Inventing Anna”

Yes. I did.

I got completely obsessed with Inventing Anna on Netflix.

And it took me a while to figure out why I was so obsessed. The Anna in the series is not likable or all that interesting. She definitely isn’t fascinating the way other scammers and serial criminals are fascinating. She isn’t Betty Broderick. I could watch Betty Broderick drive her SUV into Dan’s house on a loop.

But I eventually realized – after a little bit of reading and listening (see the pathetic, no-life list below) that the Netflix series raised a lot of questions but didn’t provide the answers.

Like how did she get all that money she was throwing around to pay for other people’s dinners and airline tickets? And where did all those hundreds come from? And how did she get lines of credit? Was she getting credit extended to her and then paying off enough that she could maintain a good credit rating? Is a good credit rating really not necessary to be a scammer? At one or two points I wondered if I was just stupid about credit.

I want to take a class in scamming so I can do it. I want to give everyone hundred dollar bills. Right now I give out five dollar bills at Christmas. The rest of the year I deal in one dollar bills, like regular people, I think. I would at least like to give out twenties.

But I did learn a bit more about the dishonest life. Armed with the information I have now, I can safely say I would be a lousy scammer. I already feel like I’m always in trouble. I would definitely have trouble sleeping if I was yachting on someone else’s dime.

Plus, I’d have to get a full-body plastic surgery makeover. And I’d have to find a way to un-age about thirty years.

Oh well. It’s all fascinating anyway once you fill in some of the blanks.


xoxoxo, d (and bella)

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