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Fix your face.

My grandmother used to say she had to “fix her face.”

My mom says it now. Or maybe she says “get myself together.”

I’m not sure what I say. I get myself together in bits and pieces so I probably don’t say anything. My getting-it-together routine is like a play in eight parts. I end up doing most of it in front of the  computer because I can’t tear myself away from the computer in the morning. I have to catch up with the action from overnight.

Like my 4am horoscope report. That’s a priority.

But on a serious note, I have one beauty tip. Besides Vaseline.

You MUST try the Hanacure face mask.

Face masks are soooooo popular now. But I have always loved face masks.

I love that super tight feeling you get when a really good mask is sucking every ounce of moisture out of your skin.

So I learned about Hanacure when beauty editors and YouTube personalities started trying it after Drew Barrymore posted her “old lady face” picture.

Here’s the primer on Drew’s Old Lady Face.

So, as it happens, I look just like Drew Barrymore when I use the mask. Just like her.

Some Kardashians did Old Lady Face too, but I didn’t look like them.

If the mask was less expensive, I would use it every day for a month and feel like I’m in my 40’s.

But it’s expensive. So I’m using it just a few times a month and I’m only feeling 55.

But 55 is better than 50,000.

Enjoy the tip! Try it out.

And def let me know how tight your face gets.

xoxoxo, d (and bella)



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