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As someone who became a syndicated cartoonist at the tender age of 50, I highly recommend you check out 10 Insightful Tips from People Who Prove It’s Never Too Late..  This great New York Times article provides powerful examples of people who jumped into new adventures in their middle and later years.

I became a cartoonist without even realizing that cartooning was in my future. I had long been singularly focused on my writing.

I didn’t realize I should try my hand at drawings too. I only got the idea after I made a doodle one day and paired it with a funny line.

It was cute and it was fun to share with everyone. And I wanted to do it more. So I kept doing it.

If there’s something you like or love, something you’re curious about, something you’ve always thought would be cool or fun or right for you, try it out.

You don’t need training.

I had no training in drawing or cartooning.

You don’t need money.

I had no major costs connected to drawing or cartooning other than my laptop (which I already had for my writing and work anyway).  I needed Adobe Suite (which I already used for work and whose other programs I learned to use) and I purchased a relatively cheap electronic drawing pad which I then used an online tutorial to learn to use.

I still use the same tools.

My greatest expenses associated with my cartoons are snacks.

You don’t need a goal.

Just do it. Just try it. Just look into it.

Because trying something new that you might maybe get into and be all in love with is something that could happen.

Enjoy the read!

And Happy New Year!

xoxoxoxo, dee and bella

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