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Hypnotized coffee

I was excited to hear Scott Adams talk with Dr. Drew about predictions for 2022.

I’m a big fan of Scott Adams. I’m probably a member of his cult since he’s most likely hypnotizing me with his daily ‘simultaneous sip’ of coercion.

Although, actually, I’m guessing it’s not the simultaneous sip that’s the hypnotizing act. It’s too obvious a move. Like swinging a coin on a chain in front of your face.

Nah. I think Scott Adams is hypnotizing us with a phrase or a motion. Like when he fixes his microphone.

I’m onto you, Scott Adams! And, if you’re reading, I thought the ‘executing Dilbert’ line was funny too.

Anyway, the conversation was interesting. A little Covid-heavy for my tastes these days, but oh well.

I captured some takeaways below. And links to both guys, two of my super favorite favorites.

  • We no longer believe the news is real.
  • Maybe the business model of the news has changed so it doesn’t even make sense for the providers to give us the news straight.
  • When Covid is over, some portion of the public – perhaps a big portion – will say nothing happened.
  • We no longer have a consensus about reality.  We don’t even agree what we are all experiencing in real time.
  • Setting intentions and stating intentions start with having a positive attitude and convincing yourself over time that good things are going to happen to you even if you don’t really believe it.  Just go with the routine of setting and stating intentions until you see some good things will happen and it will turn out that your field of perception increases. You notice opportunities to the point that there is a real mechanism where putting your intentions into the universe seems to kick up possibilities that you would not have seen before.
  • Maybe it’s time to get over the fact that our President is an 80-year-old leader nobody’s mental capacity at that age is what it is at 50 years old.
  • Trump won’t be the nominee for the Republicans. That makes DeSantis the heir apparent and DeSantis is unbeatable
  • Scott would describe himself as a ‘libertarian without the crazy part’….. ‘left of Bernie, better at math’….

If you’re listening to Scott Adams on YouTube or Locals, let me know and we can gabby gab gab.  The Locals deal is subscription and a bit of a hefty price at $7 per month, but pretty good if you can swing it. Adams checks in almost daily with mini lessons on everything from persuasion to cartooning to inhaling.

Or you can just read his Dilbert strip.

And Dr. Drew!!!  He rocks!!  He needs to stop bashing my boyfriend Tony Fauci, but he rocks anyway! He’s at and he’s on Locals too!

It was a good listen.

Happy Predictions!

xoxoxo, dee and bella

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