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It is a gratitude Saturday around here because I got a surprise visit from my favorite baby brother of all time! My little tiny eensy teensy baby brother is amazing. And a visit from him is gold. And he doesn’t even mind that I still pretend he’s only 5 years old.

When I was a teen and he was a tyke, we would spend every minute together after my school day. I would pick him up at his little people school and we would drive all around town, visiting my parents at their offices and revisiting my high school where I would check up on the status of high-level high school affairs.

We were a team.

My baby brother is an artist. He designs beautiful buildings and has an eye that sees impossibly magnificent perspectives, things my eyes would never see. When his girls were small, we would take them to paint pottery. They would paint the base of a piece poorly before starting to get cranky and distracted. Eric would then get down to the business of turning the piece of pottery into a masterpiece.

We haven’t been back to pottery since just before Covid. But Covid changed so many things.

Now now one of his babies is driving. And her sister is busy swimming and meeting friends for very important conversations.

Maybe we can do pottery over the holidays.

We talk about pottery all the time still. And the girls wink at me, saying that we need to do ‘girls pottery’ without their dad. We pretend that we would talk about all things dirty and sexy and juicy without his hand whipping up to stop us from making him queasy. But the truth is that we need him for pottery. He needs to finish the pieces when we get cranky and distracted. We just save the juicy details of girl talk for when he goes to the men’s room or checks on the car.

It’s easy to be grateful when your baby brother drives into town. In fact, it’s easy to be grateful when life is good. Or when life just escaped being bad.

It’s easy to be grateful when today is actually better than yesterday.

When I wrote today’s cartoon, I think I was doing that gratitude dance of ‘what are you grateful for?’.

I always feel like the gratitude game needs rules. Or guidelines.

Are we ‘doing gratitude’ in the big way? Like grateful for life on this earth? Like grateful for today? Like grateful for each breath?

Or are we on the micro level where we feel grateful that when the Keurig broke last night, it only broke with regard to the largest size drink option. Thank God the machine still works just fine on all the other size options.

Now THAT is a feeling of gratitude I can get behind… when you discover your Keurig will still pump out a yummy cup of medium-sized coffee after you imagined your machine was completely dead.

There’s lots of help out there for people who want to get more grateful. As easy as it seems to be grateful, it really is a practice that requires some intentional action. Positive Psychology put together a list of their 7 Best Gratitude Apps. I’ve also listed some apps over on the Mindfulness page of the new daily dee.

And, I should add I am extremely grateful for the talented wizard behind, Steve Conley. Thank you for all of your hard work, Steve!

Be grateful for something.

Be grateful for the obvious stuff, obviously.

But keep on the lookout for the non-obvious stuff. Is the Keurig half-broken or half-working?

And happy pottery!

xoxoxo, dee (and bella)

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