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Bella Boo!

Before all of the various websites you guys have seen with my cartoons and essays and paintings and pictures, there was the original website:

Noboo dot com was my favorite place to spend a few hours. I learned html on that site and prided myself on creating each and every page. Each posting was a labor of love.

Now, several websites later, I’m trying to get everything under one virtual roof, if possible. We’re almost there. Just a few more streamlines and we’ll have an easy-to-navigate world of pictures and words that make your day better.

In the meantime, hope you are having a nice fall. And I hope everyone’s having a great Halloween Sunday!

Bella and I stuck with camo, our everyday Halloween costume.

As you can see, bella just can’t get enough of having a hood pulled over her head.

#camo #Bella #dee #stealthdogs

Hope you’ll take some time to surf around the new daily dee!

It’s a website world filled with lots of fun and interesting stuff, according to bella. We’re still working on it, so patience is appreciated. For right now, it’s a bit like a maze. I hope you don’t find too many dead end links. And yes, we’re working on the slow loads. And yes!! We’ll have shopping features up and running really soon.

Happy trick or treating! Hope everyone’s giving out the good candy in your neighborhood!!


And thanks to Carol for the Kitty Pumpkin!! Soooooo cute!!

xoxoxo, dee (and bella)



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