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Something new….ooooh…..

First something old…a favorite cartoon from the archives:

INSTA RAL 2015 1109

I just discovered Geffen Playhouse unscripted podcast and it’s definitely one to love.  I started off listening to Bryan Cranston, who is always great to listen to.  He talked about storytelling. And he told some stories.

Here’s the blurb for those who love a blurb:

Geffen Playhouse has become a world-renowned hub for theater and culture. Now, through its new podcast, “Geffen Playhouse Unscripted,” listeners from around the world will enjoy exclusive, behind-the-scenes audio tours not only of the Geffen’s widely-acclaimed productions, but also hear conversations with some of today’s most compelling creative voices. Hosted by former Newsweek and Los Angeles Times journalist and KPCC radio host John Horn, the series will primarily be composed of unscripted interviews that explore the art and craft of live storytelling, the creative process, professional milestones, personal challenges, timely topics and more.

Highly recommend.

While you’re over at PodcastOne, check out Norman Lear’s new-ish All of the Above. The guests are amazing. I haven’t even had a chance yet to think about Normal Lear.  So far he’s been interviewing all amazing women…..aaaaaahhhhhhh…..rejoice.

Wouldn’t it be nice if more podcasts that weren’t about women’s issues actually interviewed more women. If you get that, please accept my virtual hug.

xoxo, d

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