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Reply All

Syndicated Cartoons


Mixed Media Art

Living Broken

Wearable, shareable art.


The voice behind the pics and words belongs to dee lewis.

dee writes and draws the comic strip Reply All and
the single-panel cartoon Reply All Lite.

Both are syndicated by the Washington post News Service & Syndicate.


get all deep

Pics and words have the power to help people think and behave differently. The hope is that something here at the daily dee – a cartoon, a painting, a drawing, a quote, an essay, a link – will help someone else. The goal is to help lessen the pain and provide some hope.

And to help destigmatize mental illness by promoting conversations about mental health through creativity, advocacy, and mindfulness. And maybe learn how to live with a brain that’s trying to kill you.


make a thing your thing

Want to be a lawyer/cartoonist? Well, who doesn’t? Here’s some good information on how to become a writer, artist, cartoon or other creative while doing the daily stuff that pays the bills.


in the press

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The Baltimore Sun
The Baltimore Sun
Washington Jewish Week
The Washington Post
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